Leggings with a purpose

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Blve Zipper Leggings designed for hiking, yoga, jogging, and everyday comfort.
    Hemp & Cotton, Moisture Wicking Micro Plastic Free Leggings - Blve Zipper

Hemp blended fabric to help reduce plastic pollution

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Finding ways to be sustainable

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Fabrics with Benefits™

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About Us

Over the next few weeks we will be updating our site.

We believe the clothes you wear can have an emotional and positive impact of how you feel. Calm the Anarchy is about creating apparel to encourage people to embrace activities that bring them joy. From getting outdoors to lounging around the house.

Our goal is to create sustainable, comfortable clothing while supporting peoples mental health.

We just want to make quality apparel that reduces the impact on the planet.

Most environmentally conscious clothing companies donate to the environment causes. 

Instead - We plan to support charitable organizations that provide mental health services.

Thanks for supporting, Calm the Anarchy

Stuart Berman LLC, 5 W Biddle Street, Baltimore, MD 21201