Eco-Conscious Leggings - Made in the USA

Hemp, Cotton with Patented Moisture Wicking Technology and Sorna fiber

Reducing Plastic water pollution with our exclusive fabric

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Leggings with a purpose

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Reducing plastic in apparel

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Fabrics with Benefits™

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About Us

This project started our as a way to make more environmentally friendly fabric for hiking and an active lifestyle. Everywhere we looked we saw the same types of fabrics which consisted of polyester and other synthetic materials. From doing some research we quickly discovered that polyester and other synthetic materials create micorplastic water pollution.

We wanted a natural fiber to be as good as a polyester/synthetic one. This inspired us to make a better product with less impact on the environment.

By support us and purchasing a pair of our leggings we can create a possitive impact.

Thanks for supporting Blve Zipper - Stuart Berman LLC, 5 W Biddle Street, Baltimore, MD 21201