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We are officially launching Blve Zipper today.  

Thanks for the support and patience.  For a limited time we are offering our leggings at a reduced since we will produce them once we sell proximately 200 pairs.  Buy purchasing from us you are helping support a start up with the goal of reducing plastic water pollution caused by our apparel.  

So how did we get here.  To start with I am personally not a fan of polyester.  As I researched more and more I realized how the material negatively impacts the planet.  There are a lot of good sales pitches for it but in the end it is an oil based product and not environmentally friendly.  The material takes decades to breakdown and so on.  This fact that really hit home.  Every time you wash polyester / synthetic fabric, microfibers shed sheds from the material and ends up in the waterway.  These microfibers are bits of plastic called mircoplastic and they are being found in our food and water supply.  This made us want to figure out a product that offers people the functionality they desire from polyester without the harmful impact.  

So here we are on this journey to create a product consumers want without all the negative impact on the planet.  There is no perfect solution just better options.  I think that should be the over all goal.  

Blve Zipper Leggings

Over the past couple of years we have been working on and developing a woven moisture wicking cotton fabric for hiking pants.  The sample material was tested by a third party and it our preformed synthetic materials like it.  From the testing we knew our product had potential.  The only issue was more women wear leggings.  So we are taking our knowledge from the woven material we developed and putting towards what will be our signature knit fabric.  

To create this material we have already gone through two mills and finally a third one is able to do it.  There are a lot of challenges in making this and the right team is needed to get it done.  You would think that making this is just putting together some yarns and knitting it.  There is a lot more that goes into the process.  One of the challenges is getting the right yarns.  We need to source our yarns from various parts of the world since not all of them are made in America.  We are weaving the fabric in the United States as well as our leggings.  

Blve Zipper Contrast Stitching Leggings

Please support us by sharing who we are and purchasing a pair.  We can make a change one pair of leggings at a time.  


Blve Zipper

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